Cut your time in half to experiencing real-results and increase your wealth in just one session. Expect breakthroughs, a re-writing of your mind, upgraded systems, and a plan you can confidently walk away with. 
  • You're bringing a new product, concept or service to market  
  •  You're in another a coaching program and want additional 1x1 coaching & outside expertise to supplement and kickstart something specific in your business
  •  You're just getting started and want step by step direction (offers, pricing, strategy, traffic, content, sales copy, the technical aspect)
  •  You're established and need something specific or a revamp brand position, target market, etc. 
  • Your wealth mindset is shot and a deep reprogramming is the ticket
  •  You don't need a reason to do something generous for yourself. Maybe you want to TREAT yourself to an experience that's ALL about you whether a personal or business breakthrough that's needed. 
You deserve to feel clear and confident in your business and your life. 
Full and half VIP Days are where some of the BIGGEST breakthroughs and magic happen. Not to mention, they're hella fun and eye-opening. This type of coaching and strategic input is open to current clients and non-clients. Read on for how things work or if you're already decided, schedule an intro call with me here and let's choose a date to get started.
  •  VIP Days are custom based on need; half or full day and via Zoom (online) or in person.  Inquire here to schedule and intro call for inquiry & best fit. 
  •   Post discovery call (establish if a fit) I will collect background from you to assess and we'll map out our action items pre-VIP Day to maximize our time. 
  • Post VIP day or half day you have 2 coaching calls with me and text access throughout the month following your session to ensure what we've covered is well-implemented, with time and room to adjust for anything that comes up. 
  •  Days available to schedule VIP days usually book a month or two out.  If you're thinking about when you need, book now not when you're in dire straits and need a Hail Mary in your business. Kind of like booking a photographer and the make-up artist for a big photoshoot day or wedding. Book in advance to ensure you have what you want when you need/want it. 
"I LOVE Sloan! When I met Sloan, I was floundering as a newbie in the online marketing world. I had some things in place, but I felt totally overwhelmed by all there was to do to be successful. Sloan helped ground me in some core online marketing knowledge that no one else was teaching me - and she did it in a way that was clear, action-oriented, and exciting. She carefully and lovingly helped me wrap my mind around complex marketing ideas while paying close attention to my business, my personality, and my strengths. So that what she helped me understand and create - ultimately - is now a game changer for how I attract my ideal clients and excite them with the knowledge and wisdom I'm here to offer and serve. Sloan is generous, smart, strategic, and knowledgeable. She's the whole package and I look forward to ANY time I get to work with her or beside her again. - Talya Lutzker, Talya's Kitchen and Ayurveda with Talya
"Like most people who are opening the doors to a new business (taking on risk) questions flood in no matter how experienced or confident you are. Sloan supported me naming my business (insisted I use my name even though I was hesitant), gave advice around my service menu and pricing (not easy). We talked about who my clients got to be and what I wanted my work to feel like. Today I have dream clients, rarely have open space in my calendar and life is good - with more secret things in the works. Whether a money conversation or business decision, Sloan makes it feel easy and works fast. " - Melissa Baker, Faces by Melissa Baker
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